'The Christmas Wish' - Tickets Available Now!

Tickets are now on sale for 'The Christmas Wish' by Martina Collender. The show will run Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th of December and will take place here at the Arch, Barrack Street at 8pm each evening. The perfect way for all the family to get into the Christmas spirit! Places are very limited so prior booking is essential. Tickets  €5.00 per person. Bookings 051-879377 or email info@waterfordyoutharts.com

The play tells the tale of the O’Neill Family, who, as well as dealing with the whole hectic 'jolly season' are also in the middle of moving house. This leads to much tension, certainly from Tommy the youngest who is struggling to find sense of being uprooted from the only home he has ever known, while his older sister Lilly has the opposite reaction - she couldn't care less about her family or moving or anything to do with the stupid season of Christmas. With their parents at wits end and the moving truck arriving tomorrow they leave the two siblings with the task of finally clearing out the attic which is filled to bursting point of all their “junk” collected over the years. With Christmas Magic falling in the air, Lilly discovers some old friends she had forgotten about, who now live among the dust and boxes of memory.