Tramore Tales - A Social History of Tramore

People say 'good things come to people who wait' and for people waiting on WYA (Waterford Youth Arts) Social History Film on Tramore and Fenor, that time has almost arrived as WYA's seventh social history film - Tramore Tales - A Social History Film will receive two free premier screenings in O'Sheas Hotel on Wednesday the 3rd of July.

Showing at 3pm and 8pm in the evening this ninety minute long production, will explore the history, culture and social events of the town through a series of interviews, old photos, clips of local activities and performances by local musicians. The film looks at old Tramore when it was quite a small town but with big families. We hear stories about tragedies, romance, dances, Race Week, bits of history and tall tales, stories of emigration and great pubs, Cinema and train stories, learning to swim and heading ‘Down Around’. It captures little glimpses of life today and we see the cockle men in action, hear surfing stories and see the road bowling of Fenor. 

DVD copies of the film will be available for purchase after both showings for 10 euros each as well as online and in local shops. More information to come in the following days. Photo Credit - Ciaran Conneely for this great picture of Rocky Mills taken during his interview.