The Lost Elf - Christmas Play

Whether you're a fan of Kris Kringle, A modern day Scrooge or somewhere in between you have to admit its officially Christmas season. This year Waterford Youth Arts is kicking off the season in style with our new play - The Lost Elf.

"Christmas in Waterford City is on the verge of being elf has gotten lost from Santa and finds himself at the mercy of humans. Will their humanity and their Christmas Magic save him and bring him back to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve? The pressure is on and the clock is ticking to g
et the Elf home, however the Elf's heart begins to Break and his Christmas Magic slips away when he discovers that no one spends time with each other anymore and that there isn't much love and humanity to be found around the city. Evil & Eviller &the Evilness Corporation are insisting that the only way to have a good Christmas is to spend loads and loads and loads of money. A group of humans are our only hope - they may change their mind and realise wherever you find love it feels like Christmas, hopefully? or else.... Christmas will be cancelled." 

This fantastic play was Written and Directed by Martina Collender (If The Lights Change) along with the cast. Starring the WYA Senior Drama Group, some of which performed in this years thrilling Summer Theatre Project - Animal Farm as well as some new young people who only started this term. 

The Lost Elf will be running from Thursday the 20th to Saturday the 22nd of December, up in Barrack Street starting at 8 pm. Tickets cost five euros per person or fifteen euros for a family of four. Tickets can be purchased up in the Arch on Barracks Street, over the phone by calling WYA's office at 051 879377 or through Eventbrite - (Additional surcharge applies). Space is limited so book quickly to avoid disappointment.