International Visitors and the Summer Theatre Project

Last week was a very exciting and busy week at Waterford Youth Arts as we finally got to meet to meet the representatives from Stella Polaris (Per Spildra Borg & Thorunn Hagberg) and Teatrul Naţional Târgu-Mureş - Compania Liviu Rebreanu (Kacsó Judit-Andrea and Laurentiu Blaga) face to face.

While they were in Waterford, we learnt more about their respective Theatre Companies and they learned about our organisation, Over the space of three days our guests learned all about the Irish way of life, view the local landmarks and enjoy some fine cuisine.

On Friday, Rhiann Jeffrey (Director for this years Summer Theatre Project 'Animal Farm' ) came down to Waterford and met the crew members that will be working on the production including Martina Collender (Stage manager), Dermot Quinn (Designer), Jess Rowell (Movement), Richard Collins (Lighting), and Eadaion Walsh – who has the unusual job this year to try and document what the young people will be learning – this aspect is funded through the Erasmus+ programme through Leargas. The evening went well and Rhiann learned a lot about the team.

On Saturday the first workshop took place in Garterlane, where Rhiann worked with some of the members of the cast all day, where Rhiann and the cast discussed the themes of 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell and what ideas the young people had about the story itself, They explored different ways to present some scenes and generally the day was about the group getting to know each other and the director.

Registration is still open for the Summer Theatre Project, but places are limited so drop into Waterford Youth Arts to sign up at your earliest convenience, before the revolution begins.