WYA runs drama, dance, film, creative writing and art workshops throughout the year for young people. New members are always welcome. Click here for Workshop Schedule & Fees.

These workshops are run every week by professional tutors. They're good fun and are an opportunity to learn some new creative skills and also develop your confidence. They take place in The Arch and in various locations around the City after school times. And you can meet other young people with similar interests.

  • In Drama we have 3 age groups ranging between 9 and 19 years.
  • In Dance we start at 3 years and work upwards.
  • In Creative Writing we go from 8-19 years.
  • In Film we have workshops for 9-19 year olds.
  • In Art we cater for 5-12 years.
  • In Circus we run workshops for young people from 8-14 years.
  • In Choir we run a workshop for young people aged 14-19. 


    WYA is located at The Arch, Barrack Street, in the former Military Barracks. The best time to join is at the start of each term in September, January or April.

    The fee for each term varies from one art form to another but we try to keep all workshops accessible. NOTE: If any child has a difficulty paying the fee, then speak to one of the tutors or office staff - we have a bursary scheme.

    Registration and fee-paying will be handled at the office, not by the tutor. This will leave more time for the workshops. Collect forms at the office - open 10-5 Monday to Friday.

    There's a special discount for families with three or more members. Contact the office for more information.

    If you haven't paid or registered, you won't be accepted into the workshops. Our insurance will not cover people walking in without having registered first.