Mrs Montgomery’s Tale of the Travelling Circus’

For this term the 12- 14 year Drama Workshop will be putting an emphasis on 'Street theatre' and 'Circus Skills'. This will be a 9 week project that will engage participants in a number of exciting skills including, Juggling, Poi, Stilt walking, Clowning, Movement, and basic Acrobatic skills.
While learning new skills participants will be encouraged to bring any existing skills they have to this collaborative project.
There will be a musical element where there will be formation of a Ragtime circus band working along side Magicians, Musicians, Clowns, Skaters, Gymnasts, fools, tricksters and anyone between the ages of 12-14 with a trick up there sleeve.
Over the course of the project they will have the opportunity to partake in a multiple impromptu street performances. All of this will lead to a new show 'Mrs Montgomery’s Tale of the Travelling Circus' that we will be bringing out to communities over the Summer holidays.
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