This week we are taking on a new challenge we are asking all the members to think about our own little radio programme. Well maybe two radio programmes one made by younger members (under 12's) and one made by the older teenagers and both programmes aimed at their own age group listeners.
So what we need is content - most iphones etc. have very good audio recording devices on board so you could get started straight away or just start writing content. It could be a radio play, a poem, a story (with sound effects added later), it could be an interview with someone, a review of an arts event, a vox pop on some issue that you think is important, an opportunity to play one of your own songs etc. etc.
Next Saturday 12th Nov. at 4pm we will read through the ideas and then plan the recordings. Martin and Niamh will look after all the technical side.
Send any scripts / ideas to me - ollie@waterfordyoutharts.com - marked WYA FM OR just come along Saturday - Spread the word in your workshops.
See you then