Christmas Wish

Waterford Youth Arts unveil a Christmas performance at The Arch this week. On Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st December, Waterford Youth Arts invites families to The Arch, Barrack Street to take a seat for 'The Christmas Wish' by Martina Collender.

The-Christmas-Wish-LightsThe Festive tale follows the O'Neill family who are feeling the pressure of getting ready for Christmas and moving house. Tommy is counting down the minutes to Christmas day, But Lilly has turned into a teenager who is both tired of her family and the Christmas Season.

While cleaning out the attic Lilly comes across her old toys. Suddenly everything comes to life and Lilly must be convinced of whom she truly is and why Christmas is important. But is there enough time?

Waterford Youth Arts round out the year with a winter warmer for all the family in a special atmosphere at The Arch. Limited Capacity, Just 30 seats so prior booking is a must.

Tickets are € 5 per person or € 15 for a family of four available from, so get yours before its too late.